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"An opportunity to make money? I have always been an ordinary supermarket salesperson. Because of my low education, I only graduated from junior high school. I have been working in the supermarket for ten years. Think about the ten years when I went to work. I have almost no gain. It is a salary of one or two thousand, and only three days off a month. All holidays are when we work overtime and busy. I am ashamed to say that in the four or five years since the child was born, I have almost never had the opportunity to take him and his family well. Let’s go out together to relax. Even though work is so busy and takes up most of my time, our promotion space is still very small. It has been ten years, and it is just that we have become a salesperson as a store manager.

1. For students who are new to Japan, they are not familiar with the new environment and their Japanese proficiency is not very strong, so don't blindly pursue high-paying positions. It is more likely to be admitted according to your own conditions.

2. Let cash always follow people's buttocks (cash can't walk in front of people; the boss can't set aside money there for the project team to use when starting business);

Secondly, you have to understand the most important point in online earning, that is, to find a suitable online earning project. This is based on formal and professional online earning projects. Everyone has their own strengths. If you use your own shortcomings to deal with your headaches, and just look at the high commissions, this is equally undesirable. The so-called good and bad are often only one-sided. It is like for some game trials and online earning tasks, some people are comfortable in the game, while some people are dumbfounded by the gorgeous game interface. , Make money forum, this is the so-called appropriateness and discomfort!

Therefore, at Tanzhou Network College, we have only one thing to do, and that is to keep typing verification codes. Why is it always wrong sometimes? In fact, the principle is still the same. For example, a certain website allows a certain IP Only 5 users can be registered in one time period, so if you keep using this IP to make calls, you can only make 5 correct calls at most, and all the subsequent calls are wrong. The only way is to change the IP.

Fourth, the price/performance ratio is best understood, and it is also an issue that everyone will consider when buying things. Where can I tell the cost-effectiveness of a product? There are generally two points: whether it is durable, and whether it is practical. The selected product cannot be bought back and it will break after using it once. This kind of product is too deceptive! Even if you can sell it, it will be very tiring to do. You need to constantly change venues and constantly develop new customers. Therefore, good quality is the prerequisite, and the product is not required to be the best, but at least the top three in the same price range.

The online funding routine makes good use of the current social bottom groups, complaining about social injustice, hating the rich and lazy, and instilling a distorted outlook on wealth, causing the brainwashed to cheat themselves while pulling more people around them People come in and participate as their own backstop, but they don't know that they will eventually harm others and themselves, and they will also become the takers of cheating papers.

Course crowdfunding is a familiar way of playing in the circle. The way of raising money through crowdfunding can lower the learning threshold of the original high-priced courses, so that more people who do not have the ability to pay have the opportunity to learn.

I want to tell everyone that if you want to use your hobby as your future job, you must have a mentality. Don't think that your skills are good now. When you really enter the professional field, you will find that your abilities are so insignificant.

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