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The good times didn’t last long, and the later platforms didn’t do well. I knew that some time ago, three dozen ha suddenly shut down. I still had more than 600 yuan in it and I didn’t withdraw it. I looked for customer service. The customer service always said that the server was attacked and was under maintenance. Nowhere!

To be honest, I don't like self-denying people, and I can even say that I despise these self-denying people. Because these self-denying people have never believed in them, and they have not recognized their own abilities. Think about it, how can people who don't even recognize themselves be recognized by others? If a person wants to be recognized by others, he must first be recognized by himself.

If you feel that you can't make money from time to time, you might as well go to the hospital. That's how I realized it.

PaltalkVideoChat is a chat software, a registered download is 2 dollars, before it was 6 dollars, because someone announced in my forum, it was made into 2 dollars.

They forget that there are many precautions and points in part-time employment. This is the place where many answers about why many people cannot find themselves in the part-time industry are easily overlooked. For example, if a part-time practitioner does not understand how to efficiently match between part-time and full-time jobs, he may not be able to do part-time job well in the later work process, and the full-time job will be left behind, so the two ends are missing. The situation is very common in the current domestic environment. Just imagine, if you are so busy every day, how can you find yourself?

What kind of money-making platform is Zhongrenbang? Anyone who has worked part-time online should know what kind of online part-time platform Zhongrenbang is! And not long ago, I also recommended several friends to join Zhongren for part-time jobs. Now, many people can earn more than 100 yuan a day there. Of course, how much money can be made a day is not that simple. It is not that easy to make 100 yuan every day. It takes time to do it, and it’s more work."

Buying a batch of goods to sell Taobao, for example, many people are now engaged in American purchasing: as a writer, you can write novels or articles in the professional field. In this regard, you can look at some of the tasks of Witkey. It is to constantly input the verification code to brush the traffic for the website. This has no technical content. It is an individual effort. You can go to some large-scale game experience stations in China to pick up code tasks. Doing a prize-winning online questionnaire to make money is a method I recommend. Investing in foreign exchange, investing in stocks, this requires a certain amount of capital and professional knowledge; doing affiliate marketing. This model is very popular abroad, and domestic Taobao customers also use this concept, which is to help others sell things and get their own commissions. Experience games to make money, some game experience chambers provide paid gaming experience, this way can also make money, this is also a method I recommend.

"What are the most cost-effective methods? The choice of keywords and the location of keywords in the optimization of corporate websites are very important. How can companies do online marketing to achieve the best results? What are the benefits of corporate website maintenance? How to optimize website hosting to have an effect? ​​It is possible that the overall knowledge of the website is not comprehensive, and the cost is still a lot. Then in 2017, the company with a website has the best online promotion effect and saves money?

It takes about 20 minutes to do it manually, earning 5-6 cents for the first stage, and at least 2 hours for the next 1 dollar. I didn't do it. Later, I found an interesting situation. In fact, the page game is the basic of automatic main line. It doesn't matter whether it is manual or not. After a few seconds, he will automatically complete the task and kill monsters. Basically, no operation is required!

This follows the traditional promotion idea. In the past, you helped the company to promote domestically, help Taobao stores to become Taobao customers, change the form, and promote it abroad. Because of the greater profit, your charge is proportional. But this is a test of your technology. After all, how google is better than Baidu, everyone has an experience.

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